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Why You Need Parenting with Pride by Tammy Plunkett

Raising a child who is gender or sexuality diverse can come with unique challenges and struggles. It can
be difficult to navigate societal biases and stereotypes, and you may feel isolated and unsure how to
best support your child. Personally, I didn’t struggle much when my older kids told me they were
bisexual, but I was very grateful for the support when my transgender son came out. That was a big
reason we decided to offer Parenting with Pride in Airdrie. Peer support can be a powerful tool in
helping parents of gender or sexuality diverse children feel connected, supported, and empowered. In
this blog, we will explore the benefits of peer support in raising a 2SLGBTQ+ child.
Validation and Understanding
Connecting with other parents raising 2SLGBTQ+ children can provide a sense of validation and
understanding. You may feel alone in your struggles or that others don’t understand your experiences.
However, Parenting with Pride allows parents to connect with others going through similar experiences,
providing a sense of community and validation.

Access to Resources and Information
Parenting with Pride is co-led by me, a parent of four queer children and Kiersten Mohr, a transgender
woman who tells parents she’s an open book. Together with other parents, we are a valuable source of
information and resources. You might be unsure of where to turn for information on topics such as
sexuality and transgender or non-binary identities, but connecting with other parents who have
experience in these areas can be a useful starting point. In addition, parenting with Pride provides
information on local resources, support services, and advocacy groups that can help families navigate
the challenges of raising a gender or sexuality diverse child.

Emotional Support
Parenting can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, and raising a gender or sexuality diverse child can
add an extra layer of stress and uncertainty. Parenting with Pride is a safe space for parents to express
their feelings, share their struggles, and receive emotional support. Talking with others who understand
and can offer empathy and support can be a powerful tool in reducing stress and anxiety.

Empowerment and Advocacy
Parenting with Pride can also empower you to advocate for your child. Parents who connect with others
with experience navigating the challenges of raising 2SLGBTQ+ youth may feel more confident
advocating for their child’s needs. By sharing experiences and strategies, we build our knowledge and
skills together and feel more equipped to advocate for our children’s rights.

Opportunity for Socialization

Finally, Parenting with Pride can provide an opportunity for socialization. You might feel isolated due to
societal biases and stereotypes. We can offer a sense of community and belonging, allowing parents to
connect with others who share similar experiences. It doesn’t always have to be heaving emotions and
learning—we have a few laughs, too, along the way!

By connecting with other parents, you can feel validated and understood and gain the knowledge and
skills needed to become an advocate for your child’s rights. Overall, Parenting with Pride is a crucial
element in the journey of raising a gender or sexuality diverse child. We hope you’ll join us for Parenting
with Pride for one session or become a regular. We meet over Zoom, almost always on the third
Monday of the month. You can follow our calendar here for updates or keep an eye on our social media
for announcements.

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