What is Pride on Your Porch?

We may not be able to assemble in large groups this year to show off our inclusiveness and acceptance of the LGBTQ2S+ community here in Airdrie, but we can show our love and celebrate our differences from our homes.

Imagine what it would be like for someone who is afraid to come out to their friends and family because of an old “story”of hate in rural Alberta. Imagine if that person could go for a walk in their neighborhood or drive down Main street and see just how many people do support them.

This year, instead of gathering a few thousand people in Nose Creek Park we want to spread out the rainbow in all four corners of Airdrie on every doorstep–homes, business, and organizations alike.

Don’t Forget The Hashtag!

Pride month 2020 is all about visibility. Be sure to tag Airdrie Pride on all your social media posts. Share pictures of porches that catch your attention while out for a walk. Use the hashtag #AirdriePrideOnYourPorch so we can all follow along.

And there are prizes!

How the contest works:

Send us an email with a picture of your home or business or organization all decked out in the most glorious display of Pride you can imagine, with your full name and the address of where we can judge the top 5 in person. Entries must be received by June 21st at midnight MST. Email us at info@airdriepride.ca

We will be awarding the top 3 homes for creativity with gift baskets worth $150, $100, and $75

We will be awarding the top 3 businesses and/or organizations for creativity with a free booth registration for next year’s festival, a team treat, and some promotion opportunities.

Fun Colouring Pages!

We partnered with Humin to remove barriers to participating with an inexpensive option. Here are some creative colouring pages that you can print and post in your window or in the privacy of your own bedroom. We’d also love to see your artwork shared on social media if you are comfortable. Remember to use the hashtag #AirdriePrideOnYourPorch Download the colouring pages here.