Our Gold Sponsor: Rose Gold!

Airdrie Pride Festival 2023, Better Together, is Gold Sponsored by Rose Gold

We had an interview with Rose Gold to hear about their business and Pride plans!

Why are you excited to be a part of Airdrie Pride Festival?

We’re excited to be included in the Pride festival for the third year in a row because we value the opportunity to be a truly inclusive business in Airdrie. We support the values and principles of Airdrie Pride Society and will continue to support our community. 

What makes Rose Gold an inclusive business?

We pride ourselves on being inclusive, with training specifically towards inclusivity within business. Our employees and clients needs are met personally. All genders and identities feel safe in our space, welcome and supported. 

What are you most excited to see at the festival?

Rose Gold loves the animals!!! We are so excited for the Pup Fashion Show. We’re also huge HUGE fans of Kaos, and we’re hoping they stop by our booth, because Courtney will probably scream. 

What services would you recommend for someone who doesn’t know about Rose Gold? 

We are a boutique style piercing studio, focussing on high end pieces, ethically made and sourced in North America. We would love to style your ears with the classiest 14/18k gold options found right in our studio! 

See you at Pride!

Images from https://www.rosegoldbodypiercing.com/jewellery

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