One Generation


Full disclosure here.  I’m 34, which means I’m a Millennial.  I’m sure you’ve all heard lots of things about Millennials from their (cough cough) senior generations.  You know, how we’re entitled and lazy and all that stuff.  Well, as we age, I’m thinking it’s time for Millennials to start saying stuff about the upcoming generation, GenZ.  After all, the next generation is hitting voting age.

So let me tell you what I think of kids these days.


They’re so stinking brilliant.  They are strong-willed and determined.  They have been lucky enough to be born into the age of the internet, and they’re wielding this tool in a way that ensures that there will never be anyone who is the odd person out.  Where an LGBTQ2A+ child may have felt like they were the only one in the world in past generations, now they can not only find their peer group, but communicate with them, and educate others.


The bravery of this upcoming generation is breathtaking.  They’re being vulnerable and authentic.  They stand in the face of all of society’s judgment and still have the courage to demand its acknowledgment.


You know, we did a lot of things just because it was the way things were always done.  Kids these days are creating whole new pathways to success.  I’ve watched my twelve-year-old deftly navigate social situations that would have sent me into a spiral, and she’s still come out with all of her friends intact.


If you’re ever worried about the state of our future, I highly recommend you hang out with a group of folks from the upcoming generation.  I guarantee you will leave feeling hopeful.  I remember sitting on the floor of my friend’s bedroom dialing the local radio station on a dare and dedicating songs to boys we had crushes on as a teenager.  These kids are forming social activism groups and working toward safe spaces for their peers and themselves.  While I’m giggling at videos of cats, my son is watching a live-stream of astronauts going about their daily work on the International Space Station.

We at Airdrie Pride have been lucky enough to get to hang out with a bunch of folks from the next generation, and they’re amazing humans.  They’re going to do amazing things.  I can’t wait to watch them come into their own.

So from me, a Millennial, to you, GenZ, here’s a torch.  You got this.  You’re going to do just fine.

<3 Kayla