Mindful Celebrations

December marks the one-year anniversary of our PRYSM group

One year of watching what support and acceptance can facilitate in the lives of our youth.

One year of beholding the beauty of authenticity.

One year of holding space for all of the fear, joy, and exuberance that each of these youth allow us to witness.

We celebrated with twenty youth. Exactly twenty more individuals than we anticipated showing up on that frigid night one year ago. It was the kind of cold that catches your breath, yet the adverse weather conditions didn’t stop 10 youth from showing up.

We celebrated by decorating “genderbread” cookies and participated in a thoughtful discussion on using mindfulness to handle the stress of the holidays. The stress of unaccepting family members, the feelings that rise up when misgendering happens, the anxiety of the unknown and being separated from supportive people during school breaks.

We combined fun and acceptance with education and skill building. These brilliant young people are driving the project and making it their own with flare and positivity. Sharing their personal experience of stress and coping to create connection. Their vulnerably so raw, real, and powerful that it makes a positive impact on those around them.

This is what happens at a GSA.

Each of us at Airdrie Pride want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the youth that put their trust in us. You are amazing humans and we are better for having known you.


Candice (She/Her/Hers)