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Introducing Taylor Burton

Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m a new board member of Airdrie Pride Society. I’ve grown up in Airdrie and have been here since before kindergarten!

I am active in the theatre community here in Airdrie, working with Nose Creek Players as a stage manager, writer, director, and actor; As well as for Torchlight theatre as a stage manager and instructor.

I was introduced to APS while stage managing Nose Creek Players production of The Laramie Project in 2018, a play which tells the important story of Matthew Shepard. Being a part in telling this story is very important to me, as it shed light on and changed hate crime legislation. I continued working with Airdrie Pride Society and stage managed the entertainment portion of Airdrie’s first Pride in the Park.

In the day time, I’m an early childhood educator, working with school age children. I love seeing children learn through their own experiences and I hope to always be the person they come to with questions. Whenever I get asked “can I tell you something?” My reply will always be “you can tell me anything.” As children and youth grow, they need a safe space to be able to ask questions without judgement. A similar concept is in theatre, actors (and non-actors) need non-judgmental spaces to explore their characters and try new things. I’ve seen first hand the affect that role models can have on youth and young children, and I hope to be a positive influence and trusted person for them.

Being the youth engagement coordinator is a position I am very excited to take on. I have seen what PRYSM is for many people, and I hope I can aide in the continuation and growth of it!