Introducing Jordana Baker

Writing an introduction post always seems like a cheesy dating profile, so let’s just lean into that for a bit.  I love leisurely bike rides along Airdrie’s paths and knitting while watching Schitt’s Creek.  I love plants and have way too many. The same could be said for my book collection.  The quickest way to my heart is to send me a funny meme and discuss queer theory.  My family (consisting of my daughter and husband) settled in Airdrie 3 years ago.  I am a full time university student and a part time photographer. 

I am also passionate about community.  Our family went through a very difficult time in 2014 when my youngest daughter died at the age of 3.  During Sarah’s cancer treatment and during our deep grief we experienced the power of community.  Now I want to pay that gift forward.  It is a messy and vulnerable thing to join in new organizations and friendships, but very rewarding.

Being the social media coordinator for the Airdrie Pride Society allows me to combine my passion for community along with my desire to grow the resources available to LGBTQIA+ folks and their families here in Airdrie.  As a pansexual/queer woman with a lot of privilege, I want to do my part to use that privilege to support those who are affected by discrimination within our community.