We are increasingly more connected but also disconnected. There is value in social media as it has provided us with platforms to engage with others and find resources that we may not have had access to in a different time. Those who identify as LGBTQ2S+ have found necessary life-saving connections and acceptance through social media. …

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Gender Compassion

By Tammy Plunkett With International Women’s Day on the horizon, I am forced to have a deeper look at my self-identity as a fierce defender of women’s rights. Before my third child transitioned to a boy, I spoke of empowering women and gender equity until I was blue in the face. I purposefully worked with …

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One of the most common comments that my family received in the days and weeks following my gender change announcement was, “I had no idea what your family was going through.”   This realization did not only come from casual acquaintances and friends, but also our immediate families.  The closest people in our life had, …