An Introduction!

kaylaHello, All!  Kiersten took the last post, so I figured I should take this one.  My name is Kayla.  I’m a founding member and current president of the Pride Society, and have been since 2014.  I identify as an ally, and wanted to help create Airdrie Pride because I’m passionate about human rights and inclusivity in my community.

I moved to Airdrie in 1993 when I was in grade 4, and have been here basically ever since, except for a few years when I left to try my hand at the wider world.  But after meeting my spouse and starting a family, we moved back to Airdrie in 2007, as we felt it was a calmer place to raise kids.  So did everyone else, apparently, and the city has nearly tripled in size since we moved back!

I started my own business in 2007 as well, and have been self-employed for the last ten years.  I currently hold contracts in the Calgary area, and really enjoy my work.  I also enjoy the flexibility it has provided me to dedicate time to things I love, such as volunteering.  I sit on three different boards, and three committees!  So I’m very busy, but it’s worth it.

I do want to say thank you to the people of Airdrie for being so supportive of Pride these last three years.  So much feels start-and-stop when you’ve created a not-for-profit, and the community has been steadfast in its positivity!  We appreciate you!

Keep your eyes on this space as we move forward.  We have been busy at work behind the scenes, and hope to have a lot of great content and events to engage you all.  And if you ever see me in the store, please stop and say hi!  I love meeting new people!