Airdrie Pride Society’s Stance on GSAs and Bill 24

On November 2, 2017, the Government of Alberta introduced Bill 24, An Act to Support Gay Straight Alliances.  Airdrie Pride has been very vocal in its support for GSAs historically.  We have come out time and again in favour for GSAs, and have been pleased to have the backing of many community members in our support of these friendship groups.

GSAs protect some of our community’s most vulnerable youth members, a mandate that we believe is valuable and should remain a priority for our society.  Bill 24 continues this legacy by supporting the LGBTQ+ community and allies, and by respecting the right to privacy of LGBTQ+ students.  The current debate over this bill is a politicization of these rights and an infringement of safety for these students.

We strongly denounce the refusal to recognize the right of any student, of any age, to decide when and to whom to come out to.  We continue to support LGBTQ+ students and their families.  We refuse to play into identity politics at the expense of children.

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