To create a society where gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation are fully accepted, individuals can find their community, and access barrier-free services.


Airdrie Pride Society celebrates and promotes diversity, equality and full inclusion of all gender expressions, gender identities and sexual orientations within the City of Airdrie and surrounding areas.

To accomplish this Mission, Airdrie Pride Society has established five goals:


1.  Empowering youth

2.  Building a strong sense of community through engagement and education.

3.  Showcasing Airdrie’s pride through annual Solidarity Walk and Pride Festival

4.  Creating barrier-free access to support and services in and around our community

5.  Advocating for positive change 

Our Board

President Kiersten Mohr (She/Her) kiersten@airdriepride.ca

Vice President Candice Kutyn (She/Her) candice@airdriepride.ca

Secretary Tammy Plunkett (She/Her) tammy@airdriepride.ca

Treasurer Frances MacCuig (She/Her) frances@airdriepride.ca

Pride Festival Director Sullivan Brenner (He/Him/They/Them) sullivan@airdriepride.ca

Community Engagement Director Dayle Connelly (He/Him) dayle@airdriepride.ca

Youth Engagement Director Taylor Burton (She/Her) taylor@airdriepride.ca

Social Media Director Jordana Baker (She/Her) jordana@airdriepride.ca